V2.0.1 [03.08.2022]
Added image onto the homepage
Uploaded accessibility statement
Have added Digital PDFs of a physical leaflet in, English, Polish, Welsh & Tamil
Have created and added a changelog
V2.0.2 [04.08.2022]
Updated registration form wording to say "I would like to get the most out of The Real Birth antenatal education programme and agree that you can contact me up to three times to remind me to login "
V2.0.3 [05.08.2022]
Have updated and added the correct video for Hormonal-changes-during-labour.mp4
V2.0.4 [08.08.2022]
Have added a reset hotspot button
V2.0.5 [10.08.2022]
Corrected incorrect audio in The Placenta Part 1
Corrected incorrect audio in How Uterus Works in Labour
Corrected wording and incorrect audio in Birthing Aids
V2.0.6 [28.11.2022]
Changed wording in Module 1
Changed the audio to match the wording in Module 1
V2.1.0 [25.01.2023]
Launch of New Caesarean Birth Module
Updated referances list